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Are Lab-Grown Stem Cells The Future of Anti-Aging?

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Doctors in the the field of regenerative medicine inject undifferentiated stem cells into their patients to regenerate fresh cells, which in turn creates more robust tissue and organ systems in the body. These new cells can help reduce the symptoms of aging such as memory loss, aches and pains, wrinkled skin and degenerative diseases like cancer and dementia.

Up until recently, the primary treatment method has been to extract stem cells from a patient’s own adipose tissue (body fat) and inject them into the patient’s aging cells. This process is called autologous stem cell therapy.

The stem cells found in body fat […]

Animals Don’t Age

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To learn how to make ourselves ageless and extend our lives, the key may be to study animals that already possess the key to immortality.

After all, if we can understand how some animals manage to bypass aging, that could be a first step toward using the same sort of strategy ourselves.

And that’s exactly what researchers are trying to do.

Worming Our Way Out of The Aging Trap

In a study at the University of Nottingham in England, for example, scientists have made great progress in understanding how a type of flatworm sidesteps aging and becomes immortal.[i]

The worms – planarian worms […]

Superstar Quarterback Tom Brady has Found the “Secret of Youth”

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In February, 39-year-old quarterback Tom Brady won his 5th Super Bowl in a breathtaking third quarter comeback. In the process, the New England Patriots superstar racked up a record fourth win as MVP along with the most passing yards and completions of any quarterback in Super Bowl history. Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

At an age when other professional players are hanging up their cleats, Tom Brady plans on staying in the game for another six or seven years and setting even more records. He’s not dreaming, either.

You see, he’s what many would describe as […]

The Key to Conquering Aging Might Be in Your Poop

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It may be hard to believe, but some medical researchers have found evidence that soon we may take a dose of poop to help us stay young longer.

That’s right. The therapy is called a fecal transplant – having somebody else’s fecal matter “transplanted” into your digestive tract. It’s already being used to cure Clostridium difficile (C. diff) — a serious infection of the colon. C. diff is caused by nasty digestive tract pathogens that often resist conventional drug treatments.

When you get a fecal transplant, you receive the beneficial bacteria that reside in a healthy person’s poop. If your gut is […]

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