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Specific Area of the Brain Holds the Key to Aging

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A top anti-aging scientist at Harvard described the group’s first study as “a major breakthrough in aging research.” He called their follow-up work “a tour de force.”

The research team he was referring to made the discovery that aging can be controlled within a certain area of the brain. They believe this has the potential, not only to slow down the aging process, but to also treat age-related diseases.

Like other important advances in this field, it all hinges on the activity of stem cells.

The Role of The Hypothalamus

The hypothalamus is an area of the brain of […]

How to Get Your Body to Make the Fountain-of-Youth Hormone

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Your body contains a huge gland that, under the right circumstances, produces a hormone that’s remarkably powerful at fighting the aging process.

This hormone helps your muscles stay stronger, keeps your brain more alert and nimble, shores up your bones and keeps your blood sugar under steady control.

But few people have heard of this hormone, and researchers over the years have mostly neglected it.

Why? Strange to say, they didn’t fully appreciate that the part of the body that secretes the hormone was, in fact, a gland. That’s all changed. Keep reading to learn more about this new discovery that may add […]

Coffee Increases Longevity and Reduces Disease Risk

By |2017-12-27T17:14:18-05:00October 11th, 2017|Natural Health|

Several decades ago medical research linked coffee to higher rates of heart disease and cancer.

But these findings were later shown to be flawed.

In 180-degree turnaround, the most recent research suggests that coffee has many positive health attributes and could have life extension properties.

In 2015 a group of researchers from the National Cancer Center in Tokyo recruited 90,914 healthy Japanese people aged 40 – 69 and followed them for over 18 years. During this period there were 12,874 deaths. The findings were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

They were pretty dramatic.

3-4 Cups a […]

Dragging Through Your Days? This Hormone Deficiency May be to Blame

By |2017-12-27T17:14:09-05:00October 4th, 2017|Pharmacology|

You know how people often say you just don’t have the energy you used to have as you get older? As the old joke says, “My get up and go got up and went.” People seem to think it’s inevitable.

But it’s not.

Waning energy and lack of motivation could be symptoms of a deficiency of an essential neurotransmitter. It’s a common thing that happens to people over 50.

If you’ve been feeling like the thrill is gone, read on for an illuminating explanation and how to reverse it.

The essential neurotransmitter I’m talking about is dopamine.

What Dopamine Is And Why You Need It

Dopamine […]

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