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Latest Stem Cell Findings are Mind-Blowing

By |2019-02-28T12:59:00-05:00February 28th, 2019|Natural Health|

The potential for using stem cells to repair every organ in your body is truly mind-blowing. These microscopic wonder-cells hold the key to rejuvenating the body. Within our lifetimes – in fact, within a few years – we’re going to see them fight aging and used to treat a stunning list of diseases.

But research into how to best use these cells is complicated. There’s still more work to be done. And while there have been impressive breakthroughs, there are important cautions you need to know before you rush to a stem cell clinic to get your youth back.

Here’s what I […]

Restore Youthfulness by Blitzing Zombie Cells

By |2019-02-21T16:45:28-05:00February 21st, 2019|Natural Health|

The dream of a long, healthy and energetic lifespan has come one step closer thanks to breakthrough research.

The promising anti-aging strategy is to clear old, damaged cells from the body. These are called senescent cells but I think of them as “zombie” cells. They build up in our tissues, promote chronic inflammation and go hand in hand with the so-called diseases of aging.

Like the creatures in those popular horror movies, legions of zombie cells take over the body and kill off healthy tissue – and eventually us.

Scientists have been mystified by the exact role of the immune system in this […]

Shocking Discovery: Holocaust Survivors have Longer Life Expectancy. Why?

By |2019-02-14T15:27:32-05:00February 14th, 2019|Lifestyle|

People who survived the Holocaust experienced higher levels of physical and mental illness in their later lives.

This is hardly surprising. They lived under horrendous conditions, with inadequate clothing and shelter, prolonged malnutrition, brutal overwork, and “chronic stress” – a phrase that hardly seems adequate to the experience. On top of that, most of them saw their families murdered.

These traumas took their toll and led to poorer health outcomes decades after they returned to normal society.

But in the first analysis of its kind ever done, researchers made an unexpected discovery about survivors: They lived longer, on average, than the rest of […]

Tonight You Can Drink from the Fountain of Youth

By |2019-02-07T06:28:10-05:00February 7th, 2019|Natural Health|

Poor Ponce de Leon, the Spanish explorer, never found the fountain of youth, but his quest turned out to be a durable legend. Who wouldn’t want an easy way to stay young?

Well, researchers at the University of California Berkeley say their research demonstrates a clear way to make that happen. And it’s easy to do.

Their answer: Get a good night’s sleep every night. Without sleeping pills. They call it “the very center” of an effective anti-aging program.

Sleep is so important that a popular health writer, Bill Sardi, recently named “not getting enough sleep” as one of the 10 biggest health […]

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