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Could a Virtual Reality Device Help You Cope with Pain?

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It seems that virtual reality devices are finding their way into all kinds of scenarios these days. Maybe you’ve seen someone using one for gaming. Or, perhaps, you’ve tried one yourself on an indoor stationary bike – where this clever device can simulate a beautiful outdoor landscape.

Now virtual reality (VR) is finding its way into the healthcare industry where it’s being used to reduce severe pain.

When you consider that the number of prescriptions written annually for pain is roughly equal to the number of adults in this country, a harmless nondrug solution would be a godsend!1

So I’m happy to report […]

This Vital Cell Regulator Could Give You a Longer Life

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In his books and TV appearances in the 1970s, Dr. Benjamin Frank extolled the virtues of dietary supplements and the role of nutrition in disease prevention.

He also put forward a theory, since validated, that dysfunctional mitochondria — the power stations of the cell — are a root cause of aging because they lead to ineffective DNA repair.

The answer, he claimed, was to supplement with RNA.

Almost 50 years later, few people supplement with RNA. Should we? Let’s take a look. . .

Virtually all biological processes involve RNA. This molecule transmits instructions from the DNA in the nucleus to the rest of […]