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Not Getting Enough Sleep? One Easy Exercise Can Save Your Health

By |2021-09-30T12:29:40-04:00September 30th, 2021|Natural Health|

It’s a medical fact that poor quality sleep can shave years off your life, so getting on top of this issue is really important.

There are numerous strategies available to improve sleep, from exercise and dietary changes to natural remedies and prescription drugs. However, they don’t work for everyone.

Are these poor sleepers condemned to a shorter life?

Fortunately, no. Researchers point to a simple daily exercise routine that can stave off the worst health damage of sleepless nights.

How are sleep and exercise connected? Well, poor sleep heightens the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, and early death. So does a lack of […]

Do Power Naps Improve Memory?

By |2021-09-23T13:06:46-04:00September 23rd, 2021|Natural Health|

Do you sometimes sneak in a post-lunch nap, but feel guilty about it? Some recent research will relieve your guilt.

A recent study suggests afternoon naps may be a good thing for older adults and can help them feel mentally sharper.1

But getting these memory-boosting results is all in the timing. Here’s the surprising story and how you can use the science to your advantage…

We’ve covered the napping conundrum before in our newsletters. In one study, researchers found that participants taking longer daytime naps more frequently had a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease.2

In another study, researchers found that chronic sleepiness could serve […]

An Early Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Diagnosis is Just a Sniff Away

By |2021-09-16T10:09:35-04:00September 16th, 2021|Natural Health|

If your sense of smell let you down any time over the last 18 months it was probably because you were a victim of the coronavirus.

But COVID-19 isn’t the only reason you can lose your ability to smell. It can also signal the onset of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

So, being able to test this successfully would not only help track the recovery of COVID-19 patients, but also help physicians spot neurodegenerative conditions at an early stage.

Scientists from the United Kingdom say they’ve developed just such a test. What’s more, it will soon be available for at-home use.

The link between losing […]

Surprising “Longevity” Link Between Diabetes and Insomnia

By |2021-09-09T10:00:33-04:00September 9th, 2021|Natural Health|

Sleep is critical to good health, but for many of us it’s hard to come by. In the modern world there are so many challenges to a healthy sleep—everything from stress to diabetes—that can cause insomnia. In fact, diabetes is the world’s fastest growing chronic health condition and people with diabetes not only lose their lives prematurely, but they often suffer with insomnia.

So, if you suffer from both diabetes and insomnia, what effect would this have on your life expectancy? In the first study of its kind, scientists decided to find out.

It’s not news that insufficient duration or poor quality […]

Can You Really Cheat Aging and Death?

By |2021-09-02T03:39:19-04:00September 2nd, 2021|Lifestyle|

Recently we wrote about new research suggesting that one day it may be possible for the average human to live to 120 or even 150 years of age—nearly doubling the average human lifespan in the developed world.

While these scientists say it’s only a matter of time before modern medicine has advancements to dramatically slow the aging process and allow our life spans to nearly double, other anti-aging scientists believe it’s all pie-in-the-sky.

Let’s take a look at the research that has the pessimists convinced that aging cannot be dramatically slowed and that the human life span has a limit.

A major new […]

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