Strike Up the Band! Your Memory Will Thank You!

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Virtually every list of recommendations for brain health includes something about the benefits of playing a musical instrument.

The good news is, even if you dodged piano lessons as a kid or played baseball instead of tuba, it’s not too late to reap the rewards of music making.

I understand you’re older now, and the thought of picking up a new instrument or reuniting with an old one may feel daunting.

However, I recently discovered a body of brain health research that offers some exciting scientifically proven reasons to get musical.

Boosts Healthy Social Connections

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who played […]

Being Positive About the Future Adds Years to Your Life

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Most Americans feel pessimistic about the country they’re leaving to future generations. That’s the depressing outcome of a recent survey conducted by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal.

The implications of this negativity are wider reaching than you might first believe. That’s because the latest research shows that seeing the glass as half empty rather than half full heightens your risk of heart disease and takes years off your life.

The Monty Python song, Always Look on The Bright Side of Life, turns out to be excellent advice for longevity, according to researchers from Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital, New York […]

How Long Will You Live? The Answer Might Be in Your Hands

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Way, way back when I was in college, we’d say “get a grip” to someone who was losing control of himself – someone who needed to pull himself up and stop being foolish.

Turns out “get a grip” may also be good advice for those who seek a long life.

You see, if you’re one of those people with a crushing handshake, you should count yourself lucky.

According to researchers, being able to perform that kind of vice-like grip – while not pleasant for the person you’re shaking hands with – means it’s more likely you’re going to live a long time.

And enjoy […]

The Surprising Anti-Aging Effect of Living in Space

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51-year-old astronaut Scott Kelly lived in the International Space Station for almost a year while his identical twin brother Mark continued with life on earth. As an astronaut, Scott is a member of group that’s been studied in greater depth than any other living humans. As part of a special study, so was his earthbound twin.

The many negatives of space travel were expected to take their toll on Scott’s health — and they did.

What researchers did NOT expect was a sizable and positive change in an important marker of aging. . .

Increases Risk of Heart Disease

The effects of extended space […]

Three Proven Ways to Up Your Life Expectancy

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If you’re looking to give yourself a better chance of living a longer life, ask researchers who investigate how lifestyle habits are linked to longevity. They’ve produced some easy-to-follow advice.

By analyzing studies that match up daily habits with how long people live, they’ve discovered tips we can put to use right now and – here’s the kicker — they don’t require drastic changes. They’re within the reach of just about everybody.

Ready to add years to your life? Let’s go!. . .

Don’t Nosh on Fried Foods

A 24-year study at the University of Iowa shows that avoiding fried foods may help you […]

Shocking Discovery: Holocaust Survivors have Longer Life Expectancy. Why?

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People who survived the Holocaust experienced higher levels of physical and mental illness in their later lives.

This is hardly surprising. They lived under horrendous conditions, with inadequate clothing and shelter, prolonged malnutrition, brutal overwork, and “chronic stress” – a phrase that hardly seems adequate to the experience. On top of that, most of them saw their families murdered.

These traumas took their toll and led to poorer health outcomes decades after they returned to normal society.

But in the first analysis of its kind ever done, researchers made an unexpected discovery about survivors: They lived longer, on average, than the rest of […]

Why Do Presidents Tend to Live a Long Time?

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I bet you’ve seen those photos documenting the changes that occur in presidents during their stressful tenures. After a year or two, they are already showing signs of wear and tear; wrinkles line their faces and streaks of gray start to proliferate in their hair.

This observation led Dr. Michael Roizen, of fame, to deduce that presidents age twice as fast as the rest of us when they’re in office. He attributed it to “unrequited stress.”

But here’s the thing: physical appearance shouldn’t be confused with accelerated aging.

Never mind the gray hairs — according to a paper1 published in the Journal […]

Big Changes are Already in the Works for the 100-Year-Life Society

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The number of centenarians in the US has already soared by 58% in the last seven years alone. The Census Bureau projects numbers will increase seven-fold over the next four decades, to 600,000 people past the age of 100.

That’s both good news and bad news. . .

Surging health care and pension costs. A shortage of caregivers. “Dementia towns.” Huge numbers of people with nothing to do.

It’s easy to paint a grim picture of America’s aging population. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead, society could embrace the 100-year life. For one country, it’s a national project.

Mighty Demographic Challenge

If ever […]

What Will Life be Like When Millions Live Past 100?

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Education. Work. Retirement. That’s your life plan. It’s a simple, three-stage model we have all learned to expect. But this model is rapidly becoming out of date.

For the last two centuries life expectancy has increased by more than two years every decade. In 2014, as many as 72,197 Americans were aged 100 or over. That’s an increase of 44% since 2000.

This means individuals — as well as companies and governments — will have to start planning for much longer lives.

In their book The 100-Year Life, authors Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott are optimistic these extra years are a precious gift. […]

Life Expectancy Is Going Down – Here’s How to Buck the Trend and Live Longer

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Since the early 1900s it’s been taken for granted that our life expectancy, year by year, would keep getting longer and longer. What with improved knowledge of nutrition, better medical care and more of it, safer jobs…

And for a long time, the average person was living longer. But no more.

In many parts of the US and the world, life expectancy has begun to grow shorter. If you don’t want to be a victim of this disturbing trend, keep reading to find out what you need to do.

According to researchers at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the annual increase […]

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