Stem Cell Clinics

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As a possible anti-aging therapy, regenerative medicine (also known as stem cell treatment) can turn back the clock on aging cells by injecting stem cells into adult tissue. Stem cells are capable of dividing – or “morphing,” if you will – into any other kind of cell. They are essential to the body’s ability to repair and rejuvenate itself.

So it’s no wonder they’re front and center when it comes to reversing aging.

Stem cell therapy as a viable option for reversing developmental aging is the “new frontier” of medicine. Because researchers are still discovering all there is to know about regenerative […]

Are Lab-Grown Stem Cells The Future of Anti-Aging?

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Doctors in the the field of regenerative medicine inject undifferentiated stem cells into their patients to regenerate fresh cells, which in turn creates more robust tissue and organ systems in the body. These new cells can help reduce the symptoms of aging such as memory loss, aches and pains, wrinkled skin and degenerative diseases like cancer and dementia.

Up until recently, the primary treatment method has been to extract stem cells from a patient’s own adipose tissue (body fat) and inject them into the patient’s aging cells. This process is called autologous stem cell therapy.

The stem cells found in body fat […]

The Key to Conquering Aging Might Be in Your Poop

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It may be hard to believe, but some medical researchers have found evidence that soon we may take a dose of poop to help us stay young longer.

That’s right. The therapy is called a fecal transplant – having somebody else’s fecal matter “transplanted” into your digestive tract. It’s already being used to cure Clostridium difficile (C. diff) — a serious infection of the colon. C. diff is caused by nasty digestive tract pathogens that often resist conventional drug treatments.

When you get a fecal transplant, you receive the beneficial bacteria that reside in a healthy person’s poop. If your gut is […]

Once Scorned by the Establishment, Cryonics is Going Hollywood In a Big Way

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For the rich and famous, facelifts, tummy tucks and Botox are standard operating procedure to help them look younger than their years. Expensive injections of human growth hormone and young blood plasma are other tricks they use to add some time and quality to their life.

Yet, when all is said and done, mortality is still lurking right around the corner. Or is it?

Freeze Now, Thaw Out Later

If you’re like a growing number of star athletes and celebrities who just can’t accept their privileged lives coming to an end, is it worth considering having your body frozen until science comes up […]

Dogs are Growing Younger with this Miracle Drug: Can It Help You Too?

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The term “rescue dog” could be taken to a whole new level if exciting anti-aging research being conducted on middle-aged canines is soon applied to humans.

Researchers at the University of Washington’s Dog Aging Project have completed a phase one 10-week trial in which rapamycin, an FDA-approved organ-transplant and cancer drug, was administered in low doses to 16 aging dogs. Imaging results show the drug makes the dog’s heart more youthful in both appearance and functioning.

These results follow testing on middle-aged mice which showed rejuvenation in their bodies and a 10% increase in the length of their lives .

Aging specialist Arlan […]

Movie & Sports Stars Embrace This Anti-Aging Therapy

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Former football star Hines Ward was pictured climbing out of one. Michael Jackson was filmed sleeping in one. A Beverly Hills clinic sends mobile versions to film and TV locations.

“It’s impossible to work with the Hollywood stars and not have heard about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy” (HBOT) writes celebrity stylist George Bodwell.

He went on to use it for himself and found it sharpened him mentally, eliminated his allergies and rejuvenated his skin.

So what is HBOT and why are so many film stars and athletes using it?

Lowers Inflammation and Promotes Healing

Oxygen is arguably the […]

Controversial “Young Blood” Transfusions: Anti-Aging Breakthrough or Bust?

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At a spry 90 years of age, Queen Elizabeth II has been the reigning monarch of Great Britain for a remarkable 65 years, giving no sign that she is ready to retire. Her husband of 70 years, dapper Prince Philip, 95, appears in photo ops to be no older than a youthful 80-year-old.

It’s not just the Brits either. “Royals” in the US also seem to have remarkable luck when it comes to longevity.

The billionaire banker and philanthropist David Rockefeller recently passed away at the age of 101 after receiving an astonishing six heart transplants in his lifetime. Transplant #6 took […]

Blood Pressure Meds May Help Reverse Aging

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Keeping blood pressure under control is important if you want to reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke… It’s also necessary to keep your blood pressure (medical term: hypertension) in the healthy range to help your skin stay smooth, firm and youthful-looking.

Diet and exercise can often be enough to keep blood pressure at optimal levels. I also recommend meditation. Prescription drugs should be a last resort, especially considering most people hate the side effects.

But if you do need hypertension medication, ask your doctor about a new generation of these drugs that has few negative side effects AND can actually […]

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